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Jerry Sires' Dream


Last Edited: September 25, 2005, 2:13 pm

A long-time-ago friend of mine wrote and recorded this song during the early '80s, when people were going through a period of energy conservation and awareness (a Jimmy Carter priority everyone mostly hated).  It's not the entire song.  Just a few stanzas:

I dreamed we found more oil reserves

Than we could ever use

And we didn’t have to drive those little bitty cars

Or wear holes in our shoes.

And we could all drive 442s

And giddyup 409s

Have funfunfun in daddy’s T-Bird

If we make it home on time.

And the dream said, “Beware

Of prophets of doom

And heed our new leader’s (note: Ronald Reagan) line.

Together we can turn the mountains into oil fields

And make the trains run on time.”

And we could leave our thermostats

Sitting yonder up on high

And drive our Rocket 88s

To the mall up in the sky.

And the dream went on to say

This miracle occurred

when the oil companies got more slack

And we took that much needed second look

at the ’77 Clean Air Act.

And we could all drive Chrysler Imperials

And loaded Coupe De Villes

And our God-like trucks will have lots of leg room

And more power through the hills.


Jerry was a man ahead of his time.  We didn't find those oil fields, but we did the rest, anyway.  Never bothered to wonder where all that oil was coming from, nor what we'd do if it ever got scarce. 

I suppose today Jerry'd be scorned as a green, whereas in those days he was just a source of smiles and shaking heads.

On to the next song.



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