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This is too much: Todd Making: $100 Million per year and LP wins: 1 Billion in PB Jackpots per year


This is more like words of Encouragements...This is a tactic...This is more like to laugh, like a joke at stuff and take everyday lightly....Please dont take this seriously, think of this like a can of beer...lol...

Think thank made me think of this....

Supposedly, i repead: SUPPOSEDLY...LP got: 80,000 members...

If each member was to Pitch in: $110 a month for 1 year...It will be almost: $105 Million dollars...We take: $5 Million and give it to Todd [more will come to Todd later]...

We take the $100 Million place it in the bank and hope they give us: 5% or whatever they want to give you, which will be: $5 Million per year...The 5 Million we divide it into: $200,000....

I believe that if we got: $200,000 we could win Powerball, many Players have said they can and i will tell you how....

You let:

1&2 = 1

3 & 4 = 2

5 & 6 = 3

7 & 8 = 4

9 & 10 =  5

11 & 12 = 6

13 & 14 = 7

and so on until you reach to: 56 you do the same with the bonus ball...How many bonus balls does PB or MegaMillions have: 42

So PB or megaMillions will be a: Pick5/28 + Pick1/21...However most MegaMillions/PB numbers since is a: Pick5/56 most numbers play from: 4-52 or from 4-53 and the bonus balls are from: 3-40 that´s 5 numbers difference so it leaves with: 37...That´s 12 numbers difference for the regular balls...So 56-12 is: 44..So PB/MegaMill will be a: Pick5/22 + Pick18...I KNOW there are MANY LP predictors who can win a: Pick5/22 all the time i know there are...Plus you have: $200,000: 25 times (remember is: 5 Million) you bet you must win it the 20 times...

So that´s: 20 PB or MegaMillions jackpot wons by: LP in 1 year...

Most jackpot averages are: 30 to $40 Million dollars....So 25 x $40 Million = 1 BILLION DOLLARS...PER YEAR...WE give Todd: $100 Million PER YEAR...lol..And the $900 Million PER YEAR you Stack them up or i dont know...lol...

This is MORE LIKE A JOKE TO HAVE SOME FUN, like a CAN OF BEER...Dear Lord...Auch!!!!

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