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Can Bacteria Make you Smarter?Maybe it can...


Animals: Deep Paranoia: I think animals are the way they are because they suffer: DEEP, DEEP PARANOIA...Is like is so intrinsic in them that it has been pass down from generations, that i think, maybe each generation is more paranoid than the rest, because each generation has to be well fitted to their environment...And it makes sense because if someone wanted to eat you is like living in a war zone...I think this is why ANIMALS ARE ANIMALS not much because they are irrational but because they are extremely paranoid...

Not just that i noticed that when you are paranoid is like your senses are: 90% above normal even your vision and you read more than what´s there....And since they are smaller than you...It will make sense how they behave because of their size,  they brain is smaller and a smaller brain will have a smaller other regions that humans have...Is like an RNG with constraints: with walls...I´ve also come to realized that Paranoia is a mixture of paranoia with panic attacks...Not just that we have fingers which makes us occupied our times in stuff animals dont have fingers, and if you didnt you probably worry all day...It will not surprise me if animals where extremely order/disciplined, which maybe has been pass down from generations...Animals dont have TV and they sleep very little which maybe it means that everything they see they remember because there is no sleep amnesia/broomsweeping occurring....And what could make them so paranoid is the size of their heart, if their hearts are small their fear will not be like your fear it will be more intense because of the size of the heart which will cause them to be even MORE PARANOID...

Also this is about bi-polar disorder: I heard that bipolar people will be always hiped up, like someone who had: 3 tons of caffeine and they are always hiped uncontrollably, that i think they expend a lot of energy they use up their sugar energy very fast because everything they do is fast and consuming your sugar energy level i will think will cause you to EAT MORE to fuel your body energy to the point that they will be always eating, which if i am not mistaken not all the food is converted to sugar but some or a lot stays converted into fat and stacking up of fat will lead to diabetes...Is just a theory...

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