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Thanks to a guy name: De RothChild: How to make someone Lose Weight Really: Drastic: The Only Way


Last Edited: May 27, 2010, 7:24 am

                                                         I owe this idea to a guy name: De Rothchild that came on channel: 34 of Honduras...What if you placed: a very obese person in a rowboat with pedals in the middle of the ocean in a boat that will never sink gave him all the food he can need rationed of course and tell him: YOu are on your own you got to make it to shore...Tell me if he will not get skinny....

Which gave me an idea, you know like in middle school kids with wheelchairs have to pedal/row with their hands everywhere they go in that school and throughout the day to the point that their arms get swollen...What if you create a sort of cart or car where a person could not get out and could sleep inside and you had to row and pedal to push the cart/semi-vehicle forward with a chain attach to your leg and the chain is attach to the vehicle/cart and your parents just dumped you in there and you could not get out not until you finish losing all the weight....And the semi-vehicle has the food ration that should last you a certain amount of days, maybe 1 week...Tell me if EVERYBODY WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT...A CAR that uses half electricity or fuel and half manual labor, it stores the manual labor energy, the manual labor been like a bicycle that you got to pedal with your legs and row...Or simply that it requires you to pedal with your legs and row with your arms to get somewhere as if though the pedaling and rowing was the key to crank it and it will not function without the pedaling and rowing...

Dude is the: ONLY WAY...

if you could only go to work with the chain attach to your feet....LOL...

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