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Monday morning


Morning blogsters:

A bit fuzzy headed this morning.  I suppose I might fill this screen space to tell you about the fact Orion's still chasing those Pliaides out there in the dark fall pre-dawn.  I could tell you about the adventures of brother coyote, thrill you with cat stories.  Give you a rundown on a conversation I had with someone yesterday.

Instead, I'll tell you a bit more about the Anti-War Rally that happened Saturday, which I can only describe to you via the newspaper account, which said 'hundreds' attended.  Which is about the number you'd expect.

Here's more of what the poster down at the Merc said about it (I've got it here in front of me... seemed no point in leaving it down there ex-post-facto).


Bring our Troops Home NOW and Rebuild Our Communities.

Get the Military Recruiters Out of Our Schools and Neighborhoods

Support the Palestinian People's Right of Return

Remind our Government to Prioritize Jobs, Health & Housing - NOT WAR

Now there's a stirring mission statement to drag 'em in by the tens and dozens.  I don't wish to be a kibitzer.  This is none of my business, but seems to me they'd have enough trouble dragging out supporters if they stuck with a basic issue everyone agreed on. 

I suppose they weren't sure the mission statement was enough of a magnet.  Off on the left-side in large bold print there's, "Live Hip-Hop music and Slam Poetry!"  Exclamation point?

I don't know what hip hop poetry and slam music are, and I never had any intention of attending that rally, but I think some of the old long-time-ago organizers from the past need to trip down among those folks and give them a few pointers, which they'll naturally know too much to credit.

Later in another entry I'll edify you with a list of the organizations sponsoring the rally.  That, I believe might surprise you a bit.


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