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"More Moonbattery


40 years after, old freaks look like 60's freaks aged-Not-well, same messages ... hidden agendas out in the open.  Guess they didn't hear about the fall of the Soviet Union or just recently Poland voting anti-communist rule, also failing economies due to Germany and France's socialistic governments. 

But whoever said "intellectuals" have any common sense????

Thank goodness for freedom of speech ... in any other country they'd be .... you fill in the blanks. 






"More Moonbattery"

"Mike Freeland attended yesterday's anti-American protest in Washington and took some great photos, including a number of Communist banners. You can view them here

http://www.narley.org/protestPhotos/showList.php    (lots of server traffic so slow load)

http://powerlineblog.com/    "

Entry #76


ToddComment by Todd - September 26, 2005, 7:20 pm
Those are some really sick people. For all the good things that freedom brings, that's definitely not one of them. Every good thing has its bad parts.
konaneComment by konane - September 27, 2005, 9:23 am
Seems there's a parallel between metaphysical, Moonbats and freedom..... Have read that this planet is a dimension where all possibilities are created which seems to be a given. Since the US is a nation that allows a majority of freedoms to be expressed via freedom of speech and assembly, it's a ripe stage for all species, ages of Moonbats to rally behind archaic ideologies that didn't work the first 40 or so times around. So I suppose we mainstreamers can be entertained by a fumbling morbid comedy and give thanks those folks aren't in charge of us.

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