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Some Ideas & Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: May 30, 2010, 7:19 pm

Just a Hypothesis: I think the rise in hand soap cost, creates a rise in kidney diseases or other illnesses...Just a theory....

Threadmills with Fans: Why dont threadmills come with small fan attached to them that way you are cool and work out longer...When you are working out you are hot, you feel the sweat trickling you, etc...Why dont they come in bench presses and all other excercise equipment....Who wants to work out in a sweaty room, most people dont like it...

Roman Times If you seen Movie Gladiator: People who live in Hot Climates: Why they dont invent a HUGE, huge movie theater screen size fan so that people can put outside their home for breeze...If you seen one of the Senators in the movie Gladiator he has 2 servants blowing him air like a fan...

Cuban Bread: Feeding it to Fish or Birds: Feeding food leftovers and fruits left overs to fishes: The one that looks like a saussage...after 1 or 2 days it become stiff...Why not recycle it cut it up in small pieces and have like a stand with a small bucket in parks that have lakes for people who like to feed ducks and pigeons...Or cut it up in fine grains [like sugar or black pepper] very tiny small grains and drop it into the oceans, fishes will eat it, maybe mix it up with a bood fish will eat some kind of delicious butter or left backs from meat like a meat liquid coat under the fine grains of bread and drop it into the oceans...This reminds me of something if there were plenty of food in the oceans fishes [marine life] will grow, multiply more....You know the small pieces of Left back Tuna, Sardine, meat, chicken (like left back in restaurants) scrap what´s useful and feed it to the oceans, they will drop in the bottom of the Sea and serve deep ocean creatures as food after all what do you think there is in the bottom of the oceans, isnt it food...(i owe this idea to some crows that were flying by)....You should see what´s in people´s left overs/thrash...There is mango skin, pieces of papaya, pieces of grapes, etc, etc: Grind it very small and feed it to the oceans to small fishes and creatures underneath the oceans....You know like: Restaurants fruits and vegetables left overs...

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