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Who sponsored the ABQ anti-war rally?


Last Edited: September 27, 2005, 11:20 am

Who sponsored the ABQ anti-war rally:

There’s been a suggestion, a hint, that the fledgling, ineffective gathering of citizens in opposition to the (undeclared) War in Iraq are just a lot of Communists with a hidden agenda in opposition to the ideals this country (once) held sacred. Maybe it would be helpful to know who those citizens are. What groups of citizens braved the scorn of the haters of the US Constitution to sponsor an anti-war rally?

Action Coalition of Taos (maybe a collection of Communists. No way of knowing.)


Alliancefor Academic Freedom (possible Communists hiding behind trees)

Another side (likely Communists, since we don’t know)

Arab-Jewish Peace Alliance (Now there’s a new twist. Arabs and Jews willing to consider some alternative other than war to settle differences? Obvious Communists)

BernalliloCityGreen Party (Greens are all Commies… I read it right here on LP, so I know it’s true)

Code Pink Albuquerque (Pinkoes? A barely disguised agenda? Baby girl supplier? Dunno. Seems sinister and suspicious)

ColumbiaSolidarity Committee of NM (Likely drug cartel folks)

Committee for a Non-Nuclear Future ( No idea who these are, but I don’t agree with them on at least one issue I consider important)

Democracy for New Mexico (a novel idea)

Doctors and Nurses Against the War

1st Nations North and South

Grassroots Press

Grey Panthers of Albuquerque

Homeless Advocacy Coalition


La Raza Unida

Los Alamos Study Group

National Lawyers GuildNM

Network Productions

Nukes Out of DukeCity

Pax Christi NM

Peace and Justice Center of Las Cruces

People for Peace in Santa Fe

Social Action Committee of the 1st UnitarianChurch

Stop the War Machine

Tribal Environmental Watch Alliance (Native American)

Trinity House Catholic Worker

Veterans for Peace Albuquerque

What If You Knew

Wild Watershed

World Voices Independent Newspaper

Scary, huh?

Even the spiritual descendants of the guys who invented the atomic bomb, the Los Alamos Study Group, are opposed to this particular war. Those guys have security clearances a mile deep to make sure they aren’t subversive.

What’s wrong with this picture?





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