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I am Serious About This: The Color Black in Books Ink and everything else...


Last Edited: June 2, 2010, 4:40 am

I am very serious about this: The Black Color Ink: You know i´ve come to realized dont forget that the majority of the global population with yellow skin has: BLACK HAIR (talking except black people and brown skin people)....Sorry to tell you this...From the beginning of history the color black has been associated with FEAR, with Blindness (you cant see in the dark), with Darkness, with creatures from the BEYOND, with Death, with Lucifer, with the Abodes, with HELL, and a lot of black people in Africa who are suffering a lot of them have a very BLACK SKIN i am talking the color black...And you know how yellow skin people HAVE BLACK HAIR...Their black hair is their source of: how cute they look....The world is constantly fighting and there is wars and stuff...The creature that symbolizes Death in many movies and cartoons appears in all Black...How do you think that´s going to make someone with black hair feel...I am surprise there hasnt been a lot of suicides by yellow skin people with black hair....Brown skin people and black people dont pay attention to their hair is because of the way they look...Yellow skin people do...Now imagine a yellow skin person with black hair reading a book or learning math where the INK is black (at least think of the women), what do you think is going to happen to that person, remind him of his past or remind him of himself with the Universe and the black holes that exist....Imagine that black people slavery ended in 2005 and every book they read the writing was of chains...And imagine that human writing was like a chain...How do you think that will make black people or brown skin people feel...Sorry but the color black is the color of fear is a CREEPY COLOR...And then you got tarantulas color black and snakes color black which are the creepiest animals in nature, most bugs have color black, roaches almost have color black and they are scary...How do you think that will make a yellow skin person with black hair feel...That causes low performances in schools and in college and in math and science and anything else...

What am i saying???The color of the INK of books need to change the color of the ink of math books need to change...All my life i NEVER realized this...They need to pick a color different like: green or red or orange or some other color....Because the black color ink interfers with learning....It has to do with perception...A brown skin person like from India sees the world differently than someone black even if raised from the same parents...Well a yellow skin person sees the world differently than someone of VERY darker skin...

not just that but black is the darkest color of them all a very opaque color which creates like a disturbance on how we remember is not bright we tend to remember things that are brighter that´s how our brain remembers things...Why you remember the blonde over the red hair because yellow hair is a brighter color than brown hair....

And not just that a yellow skin person with black hair, FEEL his hair touching him every minute, unlike a black person...

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Comment by pumpi76 - June 2, 2010, 1:46 pm
on another note you know the gulf spill, it could had been plugged with taip/teip you know sticky taip if it worked in the ocean...

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