Powerball 9/28/05


Well I woke up on sunday morning about 6:00 a.m. and was feeling very lucky that powerball had another roll over.  So I decided to get ready and head into Sheridan, Oregon to Sheridan Bills store for my $4 ticket of powerball with powerplay.  I never buy my powerball tickets on the same day I mix it up depending on my mood and if I feel like I am in a winning mood.  When I feel like I am on a high I like to buy my tickets then because maybe it will pass on to my ticket and give me a winning prize.  I know that it really doesn't matter when you buy your ticket because you either are a winner or you are not.  I just like to purchase my tickets when I feel like a million dollars but that is just me.

One reason for purchasing on sunday when the jackpot is over 100 million is that you can day dream until wednesday night about what you could do with the winnings.  I like to window shop on the internet with my possible winnings like for instance a new home to live in, a new car or new clothes.  Just stuff you could do to pass time or fuel your lottery dream.  I think if there is no winner tonight I will wait until friday night to purchase my next round of hopefully winning tickets.  My results of my two powerball lines will be posted right after tonights draw.  Have a great day! 

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