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To the Governments of Latin America, Asia, Africa,: Prisoners for School Chairs


                                           How many teens go to school in 1 year per country? like 3-10 Millions....The chairs of the schools where those teenagers got to go....That´s: 3-10 Million wooden chairs the government has to buy what every 4 years....If each of those chairs costed: $15 then that will be: 10 Million students x $15 = That´s $150 Million dollars spent per country...

$150 Million x 100 countries = $15 Billion dollars spend Globally every 4 years...In 12 years it will be: $45 Billion dollars spent....Actually is more like: 70 Billion...What if the chairs cost: $30 then it will be more like: 140 Billion dollars that governments will spent in 12 years...What if is 200 countries and not 100, then it will be more like: $300 Billion dollars that governments will spend in 12 years...

Why not make: Prison Inmates build them...Carpenter jobs, train them in prison and make them do those chairs and earn something....And you as a country saved yourself: $150 Million dollars per country....

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sully16Comment by sully16 - June 6, 2010, 12:36 am
Pumpi I say we keep the carpenters who are not in jail working.

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