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Idea: Communism: Communist Haiti: Trying to help...


Last Edited: June 6, 2010, 2:14 pm

Comunism: Communist Haiti: The USA is SO worry about Cuba been communist and HAITI is RIGHT NEXT DOOR and it doesnt say anything....I have a suggestion i am starting to think the following...When a country is: SO POOR like HAITI or Chad/Sudan it should be converted to Communist for a couple of centuries until it can pick itself up...I say make an agreement between nations where they let: Haiti be communist for a period until it can pick itself up and then is converted to Democracy...And the agreement is upheld by the U.N...Let me guess Haiti you rather bleed forever with no one helping you....This is not about which form of government is correct this is about making Haiti pick itself up....The only thing that is going to pick it up from the ground is Communism....It doesnt have to be straight communism but variations of communism....But only Haiti because of its situation....Only Haiti & Sudan though....And you allow tourism and bussinesses to do bussiness in Haiti....

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