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To the USA...


Last Edited: June 7, 2010, 4:36 pm

Listen USA PLEASE YOU MONKEY listen....You are not Brazil you are not Greece, you are not hungary, you are not Austria, you are not South Africa....You need to put many miniature Black Jack/Roullette Lotto Stock Markets....Because you only have a stock market, THAT´S ALL you have, and when there is a recession Everything is affected and people panic compounding the problem...You need something where if there is a recession, everywhere else is normal or in good spirits...I will give you an Analogy...If where you work is 12 blocks from where you live and your car mess up or is damaged getting fixed and you dont have any money but you have a scooter or a motorcycle wouldnt that lift up your spirit....

Something that is in every state...And if for whatever sick reason you are thinking sport betting it will not do it, because it excludes woman so now you excluded half the USA population...And sport betting just would not do it...You need like a system that behaves like the USA Stock Market but easier where there is exchange of money....NO lotteries will not do it, the state lottery wants money for itself it doesnt care about the population...I didnt say something like the USA stock market i said something that BEHAVES like the USA Stock Market...

And LISTEN what i have to tell you: PLEASE darn listen.....The Revenue from this stock market type of Blackjack/Roullette or whatever game you have the revenue must go towards, RESEARCH & EXPERIMENTATION....Listen you little Monkey...YOu live in the cold...Whatever you do always think: you live in the cold....Always remember that...Please understand something...There is a GLOBAL WAR OUT THERE..I REMEMBER reading from the TV show: 1,000 ways to die...And in there they said: The Sheer fact that you are alive is a miracle...There is: more than: 1,000 ways to die...I am talking about: EVERYTHING THAT AFLICT US....

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