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Some Ideas & Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: June 7, 2010, 10:22 pm

Insects living shorter lives Theory: I believe insects live so short lives because of their skin, their skin is like aluminum plus look at their size they will not move that far...To them it is super heavy and it is very exerting...To have such a skin you must drink a lot of fluids to lubricate the body from doing too many exertions...I got this idea after i saw some crabs in Louisiana on the CNN news...

The oil spill in Louisiana:  they could cut it and the open tube they could take a long machine gripper that sutures at the same time it closes like a: STAPLER, the gripper squeezes and at the same time it slams through pressure a needle like perforating needlea and you sew it or staple it that´s if the pipe is not that thick....What made me think of this was the foil paper the rupture pipe has...

My neighboor made me think of this idea for the oil spill in the gulf of Lousiana: Get a HUGE PLASTIC/thick metal PIPES ONE OF THOSE plastic WATER PIPES or a wide metal pipe make the plastic water pipe be just a little bigger wider in diameter than the serrated/cut pipe and make the metal pipe be like a mile long and just take it down in the ocean and CONNECT THEM but the difference in diameter of the rupture pipe and the metal pipe let it have something that SQUEEZES HARD, very hard and the oil spill will go through the pipe and empty out at the surface como un chorro like a gush but from the metal pipe without dispersing or without spreading and you take an empty oil tanker and fill it up that way there is mimimal leakage until you can find what to do...

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