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How to GEt Win For Life: A Strategy Using Key Wheel with Balanced Wheel


In a Pick6/42 there are drawings that: Start with 10-12 or 8-12 and have a range of 20 or 21, so if they start with: 10 it ends with: 30 or 31...It happens like once a month sometimes twice a month (Win for life plays twice a week)...

So if the range/span is: 20...and many times there is: 3 numbers from the first 10 and 3 numbers from the second 10...I say do this...

Guess 3 numbers, 3 numbers you think are going to be in the: first 10 of that 20 number range they will be your key numbers...And get a: 2/3 Pick3 wheel which i just found out comes to 8 tickets...And then you have: and you do it 8 times and pair them up...[Win for life is one of the hardest games, harder than PowerBall]









Now the ABC [the 2/3 wheel] i think is a combination abbreviated wheel, it should be a combination wheel...Now the key is to make it a state of the art abbreviated wheel, maybe state of the art abbreviated positional [the 6th number] (now imagine if you had a supercomputer which should do it] And that´s it it comes out to: 8 tickets...The Awesomest part of it is that you can repeat that: 8 block as many times as you like with different keynumbers or the same key numbers and you will have like a HUGE WAR TANK sort of speak...And you have 1 in 10 of getting a: 6/6....If you get the key numbers correct which will be 3/10 then you are automatically getting a 5/6 as many times as you had repeated the block...Just need the luck of the Bonus Ball and it will be, let´s say you repeated the block 20 times it will be: 20 x $50,000 a month for 1 year [20 x 8 = $160]....And if you didnt get the bonus ball it will be: 20 x $600 = $12,000 per month or twice a month if it plays twice a month....Sometimes the first number goes from: 20-41 or 19-38, still a 20 range....

And you just mixed a balanced wheel with a key number wheel...


Imagine spending: $600 on the 8 ticket block and getting the key numbers correct= or even spending: $4,000 on the same 8 ticket block and getting the bonus ball....it will be: [600 divided by 8 = 75] $50,000 a year x 75 = 75 years getting: $50,000 a year (second prize)....

this block is better than any wheel...

Entry #1,020


Comment by pumpi76 - June 11, 2010, 5:21 am
and you let the 3/10 the 3 key numbers you let it be:

1 & 6 = 1

2 & 7 = 2

3 & 8 = 3

4 & 9 = 4

5 & 10 = 5

that way it will be: 3/5 for the first 3 key numbers plus a 2/3 combination abbreviated wheel size 10 for the other 3 numbers....
Comment by pumpi76 - June 11, 2010, 6:07 am
however this is not going to solve the mental sickness that people suffer...YOu can cure all of the world diseases make everyone in this world super rich and the mental sickness, the getting angry will not go away...

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