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Celebrities, People with Money, with Power: Growing fruits to Lower the Price of Fruits: Genocide


Last Edited: June 11, 2010, 1:38 am

                                                      YOu all are the only ones who can buy Huge Farms, possibly buy half of State/Provinces and this way grow fruits, all kinds of fruits so that you can sell them at lower prices...Listen when INFLATION begins to KICK IN so will the price of fruits, which will mean, less fruits consumptions....And you know how fruits have been linked to fight/prevent an innumerable number of diseases/ailments/conditions/diseases...So if in the future there is less fruit consumption there is going to be an: INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF DEATHS/MASSACRESS/GENOCIDES due to these illnesses/ailments/conditions/diseases....

These is how you display your power, this is how you tell people how much: POWER YOU GOT...This is a message to Celebrities, people with Power, people with money this is how you can prevent basically: GENOCIDE or ENTIRE COUNTRIES/provinces/states from been WIPED OUT OUT OF THE MAP....What am i suggesting???Buy HUGE SUMS of land, BUY ENTIRE PROVINCES/States, areas of land and cultivate fruits, all sorts of fruits, so that they can be sold at cheaper prices and lower the country/continent/region/global price of fruits specially with the coming of inflations and prevent massacress from occuring and countries from been wiped out of the map...If 18 Million people died because of cancer or because they didnt eat fruits all their lives that´s 18 million people that´s a country, that´s the population of Australia or Saudi Arabia or Chile, or Austria or many countries....

And dont forget USA: ¨YOU LIVE IN THE COLD CLIMATE¨, same goes to the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE....

Please email forward this to EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD, TO THE WHOLE PLANET...

You want to know something...This morning before i ever wrote any blog or anything on LP my heart was hurting me, it hasnt hurt in like 3 or 4 months and this morning it was hurting a lot i had to take 2 naps and a aspirine...

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