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Ideas on a Ship how to fight Ocean Depth Pressure: Movie the Core: Just Ideas


Last Edited: June 11, 2010, 3:43 am

I was thinking how to get to the deepest depth of the Ocean, like how you could construct a ship...Just ideas, after i was watching the movie; The Core...

Create like a submarine of heavy steal, reinforced...think of this as the outer shell....then the inner part of that shell in several meters of empty space...In that empty space you have support structures connecting the outer shell with an inner shell, there is space between the inner shell and the outer shell...The support structures also have trucks shock absorbers springs made out of thick metal you know how those springs shock absorb the weight of an entire truck....Well you create many of those shock absorbes springs..And you empty out the air between the inner shell and the outer shell...Then the inner shell is made out of a heavy metal and inside the inner shell there is THICK LAYERS several meters thick of tires rubber...And after the tires rubber then there is the: inner most shell of a thick metal....All that you need is a: SUPERSTRONG MOTOR....And of course an escape outlet for the motor....You now has created a very strong submarine that can resist the pressures of the ocean and maybe touch the bottom floor of the oceans....

It could be something that is lowered like a: crane that is lowered...just need something very buoyant and mobile to hold it and lower it which doesnt exist...

if those spring shock absorbers can support the weight of a car, SUV and 18 wheeler trucks imagine now the biggest spring....The one thing that is needed is a powerful motor....

you also need to do research on diamonds...try to recreate clone diamonds and make them as huge as possible...

the loss of air in the space between the first shell and the inner shell should keep it buoyant some, help with the weight...

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Comment by GASMETERGUY - June 11, 2010, 12:24 pm
We have deep water submersibles and they are constructed a whole lot more efficiently than your proposal. They can reach any depth anywhere in the world.
Comment by pumpi76 - June 11, 2010, 5:17 pm
submersibles have a depth limit they can reach far but they have a depth limit...The deepest depth of the ocean is several miles below the farthest limit a submersible can reach...Man can not reach to the deepest depth of the ocean yet the fartest manking has ever reach was by a russian crew...

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