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To the Different Sports Association: Global Sport Association: And to FIFA


Last Edited: June 12, 2010, 7:05 pm

Create a: Global Lotto or a Global Game, some kind of game paying: $25 Million and let it play every 2 months....Mentioned that the Revenue will be done to buy STADIUMS IN EACH COUNTRY....Let it cost: $25 cents the ticket...You HAVE to let it cost: $25 Cents...

If 600 Million people around the world each was to play: 3 tickets per month it will be: $5.4 Billion Dollars PER YEAR...How much does a Stadium Cost??? $200 Million maybe??? You can buy with that: 27 stadiums and place it in different countries to promote sports...And the revenue you split it with the country and the revenue is used to buy more Stadiums to promote fun....This is the only way: Stadiums COST TOO MUCH MONEY....

the World Soccer Cup is sort of fragmented...Why??? Because the countries that play to be in the world cup play per continent...You dont see countries of 1 continent playing countries of another continent....Also what happens to the countries that lost???that didnt get classified....Why not put them to play among themselves....With Stadiums the Global Sport Association bought and some of the revenue goes to the country, another goes to the: Global Sport Association and another towards the FiFA, and you do the same with other sports...For instance,

the stadiums built by some countries for the World Cup, after the world Cup is over they are DESTROY...I say KEEP THEM for future: SEDES for future competitions...There are stadiums that are destroy, what KIND OF A JOKE IS THAT...No stadium in the world, SHOULD EVER BE DESTROYED....At least for the: FUN...Also is there is an old stadium and you want to demolished it to build another stadium right there, keep the old one and build the one you were going to build SOMEWHERE ELSE.....A STADIUM is a source of: REVENUE, a source FUN and a source of: Competition....I am sick and tired of professional players wanting to play in the most prestigious stadiums in the world as if though they were: GODS....

I thought one of the many mottos of i think it was soccer was: ¨I play you, ANYWHERE, ANY TIME, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES....¨


You all are NOT going to believe what just happened...A Mercedez Benz just stop infront of my dad´s house it will not start...This is the first time i´ve ever seen a MERCEDEZ BENZ stop...And of all the houses, my dad´s house....Is still there...A guy with a blue beisball cap and a cigar just passed by the house and is funny because is sort of drizzling...

Entry #1,028


Comment by pumpi76 - June 13, 2010, 5:33 pm
those old stadiums could be used to make: Global University soccer matches....

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