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If Americans Knew


Israel-Palestine: The Missing Headlines
Studies show that US coverage is Israeli-centric. The main bureaus for CNN, Associated Press, Time, etc. are located in Israel and often staffed by Israelis. The son of the NY Times bureau chief is in the Israeli army;"pundit" Jeffrey Goldberg served in the IDF; Wolf Blitzer worked for AIPAC. Because the U.S. gives Israel $7 million/day - more than to any other nation - we feel it is essential
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Comment by GASMETERGUY - June 15, 2010, 8:45 pm
What does Israeli-centic mean?
TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - June 15, 2010, 11:40 pm
Hi gasguy, it means one sided, only in favor of Israel.
ToddComment by Todd - June 17, 2010, 8:59 am
Seeing as they are our allies, I'm glad to know this. I'd hate to think that Israel -- the tiny little island of democracy surrounded by its terrorist-funding enemies -- would be getting the shaft in the news media.

However, I must say that my own two eyes tell a much different picture than these anti-semitic propaganda web sites. I see nothing but jumping to conclusions on every little thing that Israel does, and instantly jumping to the conclusion that the poor little terrorists attacking them are the victims. And the leftist US media appears to be right on board with that same approach.

So I don't believe these anti-semitic Web sites.

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