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Lottery Bible (tenaj) Picks and MM last night


Last Edited: October 1, 2005, 8:36 am

Good morning blogsters:

These numbers came directly off the Friday Lottery Bible picks Tenaj posted yesterday:

WB 1, 3,  4, 6, 7,  8, 16,  20, 22, 24, 30, 40, 42, 48

RB 16, 20, 22, 30, 48

I just split them out of the herd, transposed them or posted them as they appeared, minus the third number into the MD MM challenge thread.  No other workup.  Maybe 5 minutes work.  The result was 3-0. 

Make of it what you will.

Regular newspaper trivia:

Texas has more trouble.  Some hotshot Texan in Congress, guy named DeLay, has been indicted by a grand-jury for cconspiracy to violate political fund raising laws.  He says the DA, Ronnie Earle, is a political fanatic. 

I used to know a Ronnie Earle a long time ago who might well be DA now, and that part could certainly be true, if it's the same guy. 

On the other hand, DAs don't indict people.  Grand juries indict people.  I know of a good many instances in Texas where DAs begged, pleaded, threatened and cajoled grand juries to indict, or no-bill, and where those grand juries did the opposite.

DAs take potential cases before grand juries, the grand juries examine witnesses and evidence and weigh the question of whether there's sufficient evidence to indict.  DAs have a certain amount of discretion in what they bring in.  If they want to protect a friend they can try to limit the evidence the grand jury sees, or if they want to railroad someone, they can try to only present evidence in favor of indictment.

But most grand juries catch on fairly quickly to a DA who's inclined to trying that sort of monkey-tricks, and when that happens, they become adept at digging out evidence they didn't see and witnesses they didn't question. 

A Texas jury's going to have to decide whether the hotshot's guilty, but the fact a grand jury indicted in the case of a powerful Texan in Congress of either party suggests the evidence for indictment was compelling, that this isn't a trumped-up case that could be suppressed, rather than one that needed trumping up.  Losing a powerful Texan in Congress will lose an enormous force for Texas pork barrel receipts.

On the other hand, this country's chock-full of partisan fanatics and character assassins these days, in both parties.  A charge that any randomly chosen person's a partisan fanatic stands a lot better chance of being true.  Both parties have done a bang-up job of trying to make it true of all citizens for the past half-century, with a not-too-surprising degree of success.

The media will try this guy in the headlines, the people will believe, or disbelieve it entirely based upon which party they're a fanatic for, never seeing more evidence than the media feeds them, or Joseph Goebbels trumpets at them from their radio speakers.


Hmmmmm.  Other newspaper trivia...

Those Minutemen guys I mentioned a while back are taking a new run toward being a thorn in the side of the US Border Patrol.  They're doing some patrol work themselves, with an ACLU worker following each of them around.  Lots of energy being expended on that one.

ABQ Mayor adopted a dog sometimeorother from the pound, got campaign posters showing the dog, using the fact he adopted it as an argument he's a fine feller.  Doesn't say whether the dog got kicked during those family violence calls the polizia use to answer at his home.

Front page center is a pic of two people going across a parking lot with bags over their heads to keep off the rain.  That's the big news here, though it doesn't require many words to tell it.


A not too well preserved '60s freak

with a barely disguised agenda



Entry #333


TenajComment by Tenaj - October 1, 2005, 7:37 pm
There was one thing you can say about the '60s, and '70s people, they looked like what they believed. They didn't just dress for a style or image like young people do today, the long hair went along with their views. Which was for the most part radical.

Comment by Rip Snorter - October 1, 2005, 7:49 pm
I haven't much to say about that, Tenaj. I definitely went through a time of being hmmm, radical, had I done some downsizing.


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