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To Super Small Landsize Countries & Island Countries: Hot Lotto


Last Edited: June 20, 2010, 5:00 am

i am going to write something else for you [i am still thinking, still figuring it out], but for the mean time listen to this, take this....Hot Lotto for example is played in i think is: 15 States, all of them with a population of: 26 Million...

To the following, list of countries:

Barbados(256), Vanuatu(240), Netherlands Antilles(198), Samoa(179), Guam(178), Saint Lucia(172), São Tomé and Príncipe(163), Federated States of Micronesia(111), U.S. Virgin Islands(110), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines(109), Aruba(107), Grenada(104), Tonga(104), Kiribati(98), Jersey(90), Antigua and Barbuda(88), Northern Mariana Islands(87), Andorra(84), Seychelles(84), Bahamas(342), Belize(322), Iceland(317) & Maldives(309)....

Those are: 23 countries; each number, next to the country is in thousands...

Well do you the the state of the USA name: MAINE it has: 1.2 Million people...And it has: Tri-State Mega Bucks plus and the jackpot is: 11 Million dollars and it plays twice a week...You have: 4 times that population...So it means that you could have: instead of 2 drawings every week you will have: 3.8 times that or it will play 7 times a week, paying millions...However dont put the MegaBucks matrix game put: HOT LOTTO, that way you can pick up more money...Since they are 7 games in 1 week you can have: 4 days have: Hot Lotto & 3 days have: Board Games or something else...Remember that if you want you can pair up with other countries provinces/cities that have: from 84,000 people to: 350,000 people...

And the ticket costs: $1 dollar....

At: $5 dollars the ticket, it will be: $11 Million x 5 = $55 Million dollars every month or every 3 weeks...So you will have: 2 Hot Lottos...1 for $5 dollars the ticket and another for: $1 the ticket...


Entry #1,047


Comment by pumpi76 - June 20, 2010, 5:35 pm
pick a game that women want....

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