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Last Edited: June 22, 2010, 12:23 am

Guys be aware of the lottery...I will tell you something that happened to me....A couple of years ago when i was living in the state of Georgia like how is said in the post, i create a wheel that was like a net, but it was like out of this world, it was like a: UFO with an UNHEARD OF TECHNOLOGY...And i wasnt finished...You saw it and you was like: WHAT IS THAT....I used it using a lottery software....Want to know something, THAT SAME WEEK, like 4 days later someone had given my dad a: FALSE i think it was a: $50 or $100 dollar bill, 2 days later an FBI team was at our house questioning my dad...The stuff i am talking about...Never has someone EVER given my dad a false dollar bill, yet it happened 4 days later after i made that wheel....Do you think the FBI is smart, they are but the smarter people are always out there....

i dont know how many millionares are there in the USA, i read on the internet that there is 4 million...But did you know that if they hussled $10 out of those 4 Million Millionaires in 1 year it will be: $480 Million dollars PER YEAR....Whatever they do with it it triples and now is: $1.4 Billion dollars PER YEAR....They take 2 years out of it place it in the bank at 5% [$6 Billion] and is now: $300 Million dollars + $1.4 Billion dollars per year ....Is now almost: close to $1.7 billion dollars per year that they make...Whatever they do it triples and they are now producing close to: $6 Billion dollars PER YEAR....Just in the USA ALONE...

So beware....

Would had liked for them to use those $6 Billion dollars for something GOOD...Like HAITI DONATIONS or Something that needs donating...You know: Chile´s Earthquake Donations, whatever their fancy is....Also i believe you CAN NOT be just pouring money at a problem when the problem repeats over and over you got to FIX IT...MONEY IS NOT WATER, DOLLARS IS NOT WATER...

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