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"The Rats Are Going Swimming


Suggest reading the entire article which is a good read ..... click the article title which is permalinked.


Tuesday, June 22. 2010

Posted by Karl Denninger in Politics at 08:52

Source The Market Ticker

"The Rats Are Going Swimming

As I noted last night on Blogtalk in response to a question (the last 15 minutes or so of the show) the Feral Government is increasingly being exposed as a pack of animals - cornered animals.

Recognition that The Feral Government has run the ship not aground but rather into an iceberg is rapidly spreading throughout the second-level administration people - along with firms and individuals who are in some way dependent on it.

The inevitable "rats jumping from a sinking ship" process has begun

, starting with Peter Orszag, Obama's "budget director":

Orszag, 41, considered leaving his post as director of the Office of Management and Budget in April and stayed on after an appeal from the president, the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said. Orszag’s decision to leave in July will accelerate the process of picking a successor. ............."


"......... Then there's this:

A band of McChrystal’s profane, irreverent aides are quoted mocking Vice President Joe Biden and Richard Holbrooke, the special U.S. representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

McChrystal himself is described by an aide as “disappointed” in his first Oval Office meeting with an unprepared President Barack Obama. The article says that although McChrystal voted for Obama, the two failed to connect from the start.

It includes a list of administration figures said to back McChrystal, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and puts Biden at the top of a list of those who don’t.

The article claims McChrystal has seized control of the war “by never taking his eye off the real enemy: The wimps in the White House.”

Why that's positively revolting! ......"


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Rick GComment by Rick G - June 22, 2010, 5:25 pm
I liked that...'Feral Government'...lol
konaneComment by konane - June 22, 2010, 6:10 pm
Thanks Rick! He does have a way with words. BTW he's said in previous columns he's lived in Chicago so well acquainted with the 'way things work' there.

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