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The EASIEST AND BEST System Out There for Pick6/54 LOTTO


Last Edited: June 23, 2010, 3:23 am

                                                      Want to know what is it???

Pooling and playing the wheel: Y6-3T625 at the same time, that lotto wheel comes out to: $201 dollars....The wheel costs: $55 dollars...you get that wheel at the wheel store...
That wheel is size: 25...It will give you: 25 tickets having 3/6 if the 6 winning numbers are contained in the 25 group....
What´s so good about that wheel, that it will also give you like: 10 tickets with: 4/5 and 5/6 and possibly the: 6/6....All you got to do is wait and keep on playing....The only thing that that wheel is missing is: Number possition Technology...
For instance in a Pick6/53, a 5/6 match pays: $1,500 so if you get 4 tickets with 5/6´s it will be: 4 x $1,500 = $6,000 cash back....

That´s the BEST STRATEGY FOR THE LOTTO6/54 OR 6/56....All you got to do is make sure that the 25 numbers you pick, contained the 6 winning numbers...You are picking half the numbers, half the matrix...

Also i just remember that did you know you could take that wheel, the: Y6-3T625 wheel and sort of CUT the 6th digit and play only the 5 digits and you should get like: 18; 3/5´s for Pick5/39 [lotto5] that will also have a several 4/5´s giving you a better chance to get the: 5/5 however you are missing something you can try and it will be good but it will give you better optimal performance, if the wheel had like a: CHIP/ALGORITHM inside of it that will randomly select the: 5th number....Because if the 5th number is stationary [it doesnt move] you are going to be getting: 4/5´s all the time and probably/possibly never win the jackpot....Had the 5th number been stationed on a: Even only or odd only and besides that a: Even Hot number only or a Even Cold number only or an Odd Hot number only or a Odd Cold number only you will had won the Pick5/39 jackpot all the time like AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK...

I´ve know this for about 11 years but forgot about it and is now that i am remembering it....
There needs to be Pick5/1-5 [permutation Pick5= a 5-5-5-5-5] that is played in the day (2 Pick5´s twice a day] and 1 of them needs to cost: 25 cents...I´ve been saying it....So there would be 2 Pick5 a regular combination pick5/39 and another permutation Pick5/1-5 that cost: 25 cents....But the permutation Pick5/1-5 you can only match it straight not box...And it pays: $1,000 for a straight payout...People dont also know that whoever wins that permutation Pick5/1-4 wins: the regular combination Pick5/39 game...They can even make it where the Pick5/1-5 numbers are Pick5/39 previous day numbers...How could this be???

you let:

1&2 = 1

3&4 = 2

5&6= 3

7 & 8 = 4

9&10= 5

that´s for the decade: 0-10...then you let:

11&12 = 1

13&14 = 2

15&16= 3

17 & 18 = 4

19&20= 5

and that will be for the decade of: 11-20 and you continue until you reach to number: 39...So that the following combination of a Pick5/39:

2-11-14--22-35 would be in permutation Pick5/1-5 = 1-1-2-1-3.....Or it could be some other state´s Pick5....You could let teens play...What if it has a free ticket option and people can donate their free tickets to their teens if they want....

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