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"Obama Loses: Drilling Ban


Tuesday, June 22. 2010

Posted by Karl Denninger in Oil The World at 18:19

Source The Market Ticker

"Obama Loses: Drilling Ban

"...... How about the fact that MMS rubber-stamped the well designchange on the casing just days before the well blew up?  (Known fromCongressional testimony.)

That MMS appears to have known about earlier gas kick problems at thewell site, and thus had no reason to approve those changes? (Reportedpublicly.)

That MMS also appears to have intentionallyignored regulations requiring blowout preventers to be certifiedoperational and capable of shutting in a well at all times.

And finally, there were four specific safety problems identified with theblowout preventers - some of them identified four or more years ago.

Why did the well blow up?

Because the regulators didn't regulate.

Does this justify a "full stand-down" order?  No.

It justifies arresting the MMS employees responsible.

It justifies arresting the BP employees responsible.

And, if Transocean has responsible employees who are still alive, itjustifies arresting them too.


Manslaughter, for starters.  11 men are dead.

The judge was correct in issuing his injunction, and the malfeasanceand misfeasance in this agency is uniquely owned by PresidentObama.  A year and change into the administration, if hewas unhappy with the people at MMS, he could have replaced them.

He did not.

The buck stops on his desk, and there are 11 dead men's heads thatare sitting square on it in the Oval Office.

Solve the problem, yes.  But the problem lies with the Governmentthat has refused to enforce the law, just as was - and still is - the case withthe banks."


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