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Number follow by 019/606


Last Edited: October 4, 2005, 6:26 am

Good Morning LP members,

Just to let you know I am doing better, but I am drowning in tears. Not only am I stricken with a illness, I found out that my daughter want a divorce from a good husband. (Confuse) This man allowed me to stay with them for free and paid most of the bills while my daughter continue her education in the Law profession. I am so upset. When I got sick I lost everything I had. Yes, I have an education in accounting, which is nothing to brag about, and I know you are saying why don't she get a job. It is hard to get a job when you are old and stricken with a illness that they cannot do anything about. Enough with my personal problem: my qoute is that I pick up

" A ship in a port is safe but that's not what ships are built for (Grace M Hopper)

I really want to stay with LP, but I just don't know what will happen. Todd I appreciate you allowing me to use your website to keep up with Ga numbers. I was trying to recreate my program that I had before my illness. I will pay for a membership, however I don't think I will be able to stay. All I have is the clothes on my back and a TV. Don't have my own computer anymore. Please don't feel sorry for me I will work this out some kind of way like I always have in the past. Thank you for being here. It was well appreciated.

Here is a list of numbers and follow-up hope they help.

Number that came on Oct 4:

(804) (161) 410 (192) (020) 577 329 816 448 305 057 445 941 198 856 (908) 158 879

606 sometime follow by (016) 939 765 982 965 (605 615) 986 (803) 677 655

019 sometime follow by (044) (219) 191 957 025 866 585 706 887 824 082 (709) (721)

The numbers in prenthesis are numbers to look for. Also remember to go up or down on those numbers or wheel it.

Forecast: Within the next 3 to 20 days start playing your favorite double they seem to follow the 019,091. Unable to give out which due to it being a random choice. 


Favorite: 308 172 177 117 725 732 312 302 605 651 219

Thank for reading my blog. Got go walk the dogs now. Will come see you from time to time if I can get to a computer. Have a good winning day

"Don't you catch the number, let the number catch you. 

Entry #14


jordi mareyComment by jordi marey - October 4, 2005, 12:41 pm
Hi Iam,
Sorry about your situation. Keep the faith and remember, any of us will post your GA/All State predictions and Blogs. If you do not have a computer, I think the Public Library computers are free right? Then just enter your request to us at LP in that 'view or comment' box.

Keep the faith and continue to post your predictions as long as you can. I am suspecting it is a form of emotional therapy for you. I know my Blog is a great form of inhouse socializing and definitely therapy.

keep praying and then predicting.
Comment by U.N.V.ME - October 16, 2005, 11:07 pm
It really breaks my heart,reading this...

As I have told you before,I am here for you,it's true that we don't really know each other,but my heart,is not allowing me to walk away knowing your situation...

I know that it's hard right now,an I'm sure that words can be encouraging,but in certain circumstances,you need action,to take the place of words...

If I need to send you anythine,please let me know,no one should be alone at a time like this,I am not trying to help or save the world,I am juz simply trying to be a friend...

And with that said,you have my e mail,talk to me,let me know how you're doing....

Stay blessed...


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