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Something that OUGHT to Work: Life Insurance when you reach a certain age


Last Edited: July 6, 2010, 11:40 pm

                                                Why nobody has thought of it....Life insurance works where everyone puts in $20 a month and if that person dies he/she receives, $100,000 or $200,000....And when do people normally die?? after they are age: 65 or age 70, sometimes less....Only $20 that you pay every month...

Why not have something like a Life Insurance where after a certain age you get: $100,000....IT SURE CAN WORK...It is employing the same mechanics as a Life Insurance...And the laws of mathematics and laws of Averages says that if you DOUBLE the payment or pay more on the payment that it should work and that if you get less, IT SHOULD WORK...You dont have to pass away to collect a life insurance policy...It could be when you retire...How about that after you get the: $100,000 you still have to continue paying your $20 a month...It should still work, better than life insurance because after you die you are not contributing...I dont know why NOBODY has come up with it before...How about that is mandatory that you start, making payments at age 20 and once you turn 65 you collect...and if you die before you DONT collect...IT SHOULD WORK...But i think you will need just 1 company, not several but it SHOULD WORK...

The way life insurance works is that the youngest people pay some of the retirement of the older people [or should i say the dead]...But it should work you dont have to die to collect, just reach a certain age like 60 years old or 65 years old...Nobody said anything because then everyone will have his/her house paid...

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