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Glenn Beck sounds and acts a little like


The preachers that you see on Sunday mornings trying to keep you from going to hell for your sins. I was so entertained with the "crying" for you to "stop history from repeating itself" I just might have to try and find that show again {last night's show that is}. We all know that Voter Fraud, Voter Intimidation and the like are a fast track to the downfall of America and the constitution. But to use Martin Luther King as a billboard for this is funny, in my opinion, and I think most common sense people see right through his words and blackboard theatrics. That's all fine and dandy, but here's my take on the dog and pony show that these talking heads keep saying night after night to build up the "party"............You can vote all you want, but if you don't recognize game, then YOU will be played no matter who you vote for.Wink

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Rick GComment by Rick G - July 8, 2010, 6:39 pm
Glenn Beck is the biggest phony of them all. One week he's praising the tea party platform, the next week he's calling them terrorists. One week he's talking about FEMA camps all over the nation, the next week they don't exist. How can anyone watch these jokers without breaking their TV in half?

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