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A Message to China & Japan: You can NOT do the SAME the USA does in the LOTTO...


Last Edited: July 9, 2010, 1:41 am

                                                   I JUST realized this i dont know WHY i didnt realized it earlier...China you are NOT the USA...So are you JAPAN you are: NOT the USA...The USA has lotto but YOU CAN NOT have LOTTO...What you must have???You must have, WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE of SCHOLASTIC and of ENGLISH (English Composition & English Thesaurus)....YOu must DO THE SAME JAPAN...The USA is going to have: Sport betting apparently 1 day...You dont do the same you do something of EDUCATION, math, engineering, etc...So you can be LEVEL with the USA...Now ti´l forever...Always learn this...Not just English but a second very popular, important language...And TILT IT a little bit more towards: WOMEN and smaller Chinese minorities...You know work on your Weakest point...

You also do it with FITNESS PARTICULARLY/SPECIFICALLY Target obese Chinese...A lotto about that...Listen dont do the SAME the USA HAS...But keep PICK3....That´s it...

Something like Funster.com but a thesaurus...Also something you ought to know, a kid or person learns FASTER if there is a program or lotto like funster.com that tests the person as oppose to just going to school where there is no incentive or money incentive....

Also i am not sure about this one but when learning a new language is easier and better to learn from a thesaurus than from a dictionary...

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