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What does this say about: America: An Observation: So many Hispanic Americans in the USA


Last Edited: July 12, 2010, 9:39 pm

I just noticed something...There are a couple of websites, that pay you to play their games, to whoever is the winner, they also got some sweepstakes that DO pay you money...They even got, WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE...


There is nothing that pays you for learning the English LANGUAGE like english words, idioms, all types of verbs, thesaurus, etc...THERE IS NOTHING...I am going to call this sentence: B2...

Dude Language is like the FLAG or the NATIONAL SHIELD...WHAT does that says about Americans...

So many: HISPANIC Americans in the USA who SWEAR they know more English than you and are more: AMERICAN than you..YET the B2 Sentence no WHERE to be found in the USA...No i have more money than you, my hispanic family has form a RULING DYNASTY in the USA, that my hair is straighter than YOURS, that i am WHITER than you, that i am a descendant from the pharoes, que si yo soy mas chiwawa que tu, and this and that and the B2 Sentence NO WHERE, NOWHERE I REPEAT NOWHERE IN THE USA to be found...NOWHERE DUDE...The Stupid stuff we do sometimes....

ONLY in America...lol...

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