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The Racial Issue in the USA: Between Blacks & Whites as best i can explain


Last Edited: July 16, 2010, 8:44 pm

This is a theory...The racial problem in the USA between Blacks and White or Yellow Skin people has some to do with PERCEPTION...Imagine a group of people of 8 people of different races and each one has 1 eye only, there will be confusion not all the time but there will be subtle perceptions that will lead to wrong impressions if everyone in the group of 8 of diferent races had 1 eye...

I thought about this a couple of months ago but i didnt believe it and i am having hard trouble believing it...EVERYONE of those 8 people of different races has 1 eye...

Black people or some black people let´s use the black male first...The Black male when he sees white people he thinks i am a man just like that white guy i deserve the same thing he has, who is he and when he sees that the white guy is made out of flesh and blood he thinks, WHO IN THE WORLD IS THIS GUY guess what also he sees, when he sees a white woman the black guy sees her as a WHITE MALE, IS FUNNY [the way he was raised] but is the true as if a white male and a white female came out together during birth and as if both were conjointed twins, is not just black people who see this but several dark brown people see the world that way...He looks at the white woman and he says: i am better than her for she is a woman....The white guy you see EVERY MALE THINKS ABOUT SEX EVERY 5 SECOND so the white guy looks at the white woman and he says i want her at my side plus i meaning him i am not going to make love to a MAN do i plus there is more caucasian people in the USA than black people, black people is a small minority...If the population of the USA was 50% black people and 50% caucasian there will not be that problem...Also the black guy is looking at his SISTER the black female as a group or family and is in his right but only 50% why because when a black guy goes to a party with a black female companion the black woman is SPOTTING the white female because is her GENDER while the black guy is looking [not lovely or enamoradly] the black guy is SPOTTING both the white female and the white male....

Also the black guy thinks that both white persons the male and the female are conjointed the female is thinking, my gosh look at this two males one black the other white she feels smaller than the 2 because she is weaker muscle wise she also thinks she is behind...Not just that both white persons the male and female see other yellow skin people and think we got company, you black persons are a small minority...

Not just what the black guy cant see is that he is a MALE and the white woman thinks: My gosh look at my gender,she sees how weak she are muscle wise and she says, look at the little i´ve got both males the black male and the white male got more than i do the white woman WANTS TO BE MALE and she thinks if a mix with a black guy i will have the same status as a black woman and i dont want to be last plus look at my position my kids will turn black and that will mean starting back....However there are exceptions...Plus if you look like a Japanese animation you will be SO INLOVED WITH YOURSELF, INLOVED TO THE NTH DEGREE....Ask yourself who looks more in the mirror a white woman or a black woman a white man or a black man.....Plus again she sees the entire world as been yellow and she says: LOOK AT ALL THAT, leave all that to turn black, what do i gain....And she also thinks, if i turn spanish or chinese or arab my descedants can quickly get on his/her feet and get back to white and Plus she sees the situation in African and it gives the black race bad publicity....

However what both the white male and the white female cant see is the: Black woman, the very last one the one that progressess the least....

This is just a theory but i think is a perception problem is as if everyone had: 1 eye....

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Comment by pumpi76 - July 16, 2010, 8:47 pm
you may think i am creative, but it all started when i began doing PROBLEM SOLVING in college, particularly math, i did a lot of problem solving...I always felt problem solving does make you smarter more than memorizing formulas...
think about it as trying to learn English and you have to option to read books and learn english that way or learn the dictionary/thesaurus...
Comment by pumpi76 - July 16, 2010, 8:49 pm
and when i did the problem solvings i will never check my answers just turn them in..
a kid who brings F but is good at problem solving is a lot smarter than a kid who has A´s and no problem solving...
Comment by pumpi76 - July 16, 2010, 8:53 pm
i meant to say:
and when i did the problem solvings i will never check the answers in the back of the book just turn them in..
Comment by louise black - July 16, 2010, 10:02 pm

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