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Sunday morning


Last Edited: October 9, 2005, 9:01 am

Morning blogsters

Nice morning here, thunder and lightning stalking to the west and south.  Cats are out prowling the yard trying to find a gopher or mole who's been churning up the yard.  (Storm's overhead, rain pouring by the time I finished typing this)

If you looked at those tests for yesterday and the results you'll see I'm going to have to step backward to Thursday in my methodology.  There's no slop in the system.  There are no shortcuts, or none I've found yet.  That means it's going to be a long haul every draw going through the entire thing step by step.

"When I was a young boy on a tractor

I wished somebody's daughter would

Run right out in front of a freight train

And I'd be there to save her

And everything would turn out good.

I'd get a gratituous motorcycle.

I understand that's the hero's fare.

Maybe not a Harley, not a Triumph,

But a hero don't have to care."

From The Tractor Top 40

Jerry Sires


When we were kids we probably all spent the dull moments figuring out how events were going to gang up and allow us to show our stuff,  how things were going to be easy after one climactic event that would catapult us away from the day-to-day drudge.  We were mostly pretty sure some talent scout would come along and be bowled over by our amazing abilities, our luck, or the worth we were carrying around that nobody could see.

But the fact is, it just isn't how life works.  Dams get built on drafting tables, then someone eventually takes a bulldozer and dump truck out to the site and moves the first shovelfull of dirt.  And they keep moving it until there's a lake there, instead of a riverbed.  An accumulation of step-by-step small events eventually leading to the anti-climax of such a large one the steps are forgotten.

I've been pondering this Lottery Bible hoopla, a bit, though that's not what I've been discussing until now.

From the beginning, that thing was doomed to cause a lot of stink if the system worked at all.  It all pivoted on a single person.  It began when that person began posting numbers, and it ended when that person ceased to do so.  The longer it went on, the more dependent all the people who were winning would have become on the person posting them.  Some would have (did) begin to call themselves winners as a result.  Some would have begun making plans around continuing to win and making financial decisions based on the tenuous trickle of information coming from a single source, over which they had no influence.

Win, lose or draw, I never felt comfortable with pursuing it far enough to try to bet money on the system, so I probably don't have enough of an investment in it to legitamatize the relief I feel knowing she isn't posting those numbers anymore.  There was something inherently wrong with an approach that created such a lot of dependent cheerleaders who, as people are prone to do, tended to mildly deify the person who was carefully trickling dust out of the poke..

I'd have loved to know, to understand the system.  I'd have turned my attentions to pick 3, had there been a system provided, long enough to discover whether it worked.  But as it was I'd rather hang my hopes on my own efforts.

There aren't going to be any kids running in front of freight-trains, no gratuitous motorcycles.  There's just going to be more dirt going into more dump trucks until I either figure this out, or until there's a place I can get a dipperful of water from the river of money.  But it will be from my own labors, and when it's done I'll understand how to hold the dipper for another drink, should I need one.

Which mightn't happen.  But I won't be standing around watching trains, meanwhile.





Entry #356


TenajComment by Tenaj - October 9, 2005, 4:28 pm
Wish you good luck Jack!

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