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"Georgia, Teachers, Governors Race


I'm in favor of education money following the child to the school of the parent's choosing.  Neal seems to believe this is a referendum on that choice which teacher's unions adamantly oppose.  I tend to agree given each and every one of Roy Barnes political ads.


July 19, 2010


By Neal Boortz
Source Boortz.com
"..........So there you have it. That's why Democrat candidate Roy Barnes and virtually every other Democrat running for office in Georgia is steadfast in their opposition to vouchers or anything that smells too much like school choice. That's why Roy Barnes has gone through this entire election process with his lips so firmly planted to the craggy posterior of the government education establishment that they're going to have to be surgically removed when the election is over.    "

"...... We have this absurd education system where the children follow the money. The government seizes your wealth in the form of school taxes. Then the government sends your money to a school selected on no basis other than age and zip code. You are then instructed to send your child to that school for an education. In many countries - countries who's testing scores far surpass ours - it works the other way. Sure, the money is still seized in the form of school taxes ... but then the local authorities sit on the money ... and wait. For what? For you, that's what. They wait for you to fulfill your responsibilities as a parent and to choose which school you want your child to attend. You might base your choice on many things, including geography. Which school has higher test scores? Which school has a curriculum targeting your child's specific talents or desires? Which school presents a safer environment for your child? Which school has the most qualified and experienced teachers? You make the choice ... you send your child ... and the state sends the money. The money - your money - follows your child. Doesn't that make perfect sense?

Any concern the government education establishment shows for the quality of the education they deliver to your child is secondary to their dedication to the perpetuation of their jobs and the eternal quest for higher pay for less work. This can be their focus because they know they don't have to compete for students or for tax dollars. All they have to do is make sure the political class knows they will vote.

So ... if you really going give a Big Biden Deal about your child's education you need to tell Roy Barnes - who WILL be the Democrat's candidate - thanks but no thanks. Teachers are wonderful and all that. And some are more wonderful than others. But in this election you're going to vote for your children.

The Republicans have made mistakes, no doubt. They're not a great choice, but they're a better choice to be sure ... and if you're voting on behalf of your children as well as yourself, you can't afford Roy Barnes in that nice house on West Paces Ferry."

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