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A Very Lucrative Bussiness: And please Remember..


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If the countries create it, you could make millions if you can crack the games...There will be lots of opportunities to make millions or hundreds of millions of dollars....Just ask them to create something like a: Chess game or something powerball is too hard Dude we dont live in Heaven and we are not in Heaven yet...

Remember these 2´s....



look at the: $540 Million a year...That mean that if is implemented in 10 countries around the world or 30 countries around the world that´s 30 different ways you could make: $540 Million dollars a year around the world...lol...All you got to do is ask the governments to implement them/create them/design them....But DUDE, PLEASE dont create Powerball create other types of games, because only: SUPERMAN AND THE UFO´s can win those: Powerballs....Create chess, tetrix, who knows more the Bible (remember the story of the smallest insect living 10 days and the shark) isnt most of Latin America and the USA catholic, remember who is the world biggest terrorrist is people, a wiseness encyclopedia game, board games, whatever...Dude people GO TO WORK, THEY HAVE KIDS, THEY SMOKE, THEY DRINK BEER, THEY DRIVE, THEY GET FAT, THERE IS ELDERLY, THEY ARE PUT IN JAIL, THEY DONT FINISH SCHOOL, THEY ARE DISABLED, THEY ARE SICKED PEOPLE, IT takes: 1.4 years for a male to lose: 40 pounds, it takes 2.5 years for a woman to lose 40 pounds, it takes: what 3.6 years for an elderly to lose 40 pounds, people retired at age: 65, there are minorities out there, there are minority women out there, there is rare human features, there is the cold, there is different languages....Dude what are you trying to do: MASS EXTERMINATION PROJECTS....Because that´s what it sounds like...Dude you give me the CHILLS....You got a: Quarrel/Beef with someone....Dude, WHOEVER created: Powerball and Keno must have been trying to create a: 30,000 MegaTon Nuclear Nerve Gas Bomb....Or a Giant Black Hole you know the ones you see in other galaxies, or a Giant Star 300,000 times the Size of our Sun...And is very funny/hillarious,


But it doesnt surprise me because of the Magical world you live in...Dude, NOTICE where this happening, is not happening in the: HOTTER LATTITUDES, IS HAPPENING IN THE COLDER LATTITUDES.....How funny is that....

I saw a car park itself in my neighboor´s house some kind of electricity truck, i think they were trying to fix my neighboors electricity meter, and it had a sticker on it that it will say: Y LOS TENEMOS...

Then saw another a woman who look like a bodybuilder, with a HUGE transparent thrash bag dumping medicine bottles and prescription medicine boxes on the street and i was like: Is this woman crazy....

Dude, people DRINK WATER, not ELECTRICITY....When someone urinate is: UREA coming out of their bodies, NOT WINE....

But i think you should cut the how much a person can make, you see: $300 Million in Ecuador is more like: $560 Million in ECUADOR....Pay: $10 Million or $20 Million, $300 Million is too much....The problem is that there is no: Bank to make someone with: $10 Million profit, with 20 million by the time you take care of your family you are left with: $11 million or $8 million, when 20 years have passed, you are left with: $1 Million dollars....And when you have: $300 Million or $600 Million in your country, your entire COUNTRY turns into a desert of evilness and sin, EVERYONE turns into a vampire i dont know if you losen the Devil i dont know...If you have: $600 Million dollars in 1 county, that county just burnt into flames of evil and sin and vampirerism costing the mayor or whoever incharged of that county more money thus costing the government more money....Also i said it before on this site, been the richest of a country/county/region is not he/she who has the most money...Someone who has: $25 Million dollars and has a Phd in Medicine, a supercomputer, less problems, well fit fitness wise, kids well taken care of, etc, is more wealthy than someone who has: $250 Million dollars never mind i dont want to go there....

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