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To all the State Lotteries of the World and all Countries of the World in General


Last Edited: July 28, 2010, 5:47 pm

The PROBLEM with Powerball SPECIALLY if only Superman, UFO´s and Jesus can win them and specially more if they look like: MASS EXTERMINATION WEAPONS OR CPC (CENTER FOR POPULATION CONTROL, as oppose to CDC that one is very funny), well i´ve heard several theoretical physics shows and books about matter not that i know what they are talking about but i´ve heard them refer to the universe or matter or mass or time as a RUBBER BAND....It has me thinking...If you knew what will play in Powerball you could see the future, you could anticipate the future, and if you can see the future you can change the future, and many times it looks like you live in a Magical World...My thing is...How do you know the future is not like a rubber band where is you change the future or break its law that somehow you are not stretching that rubber band a lot and is aiming right at you like pulling a slingshot backwards and it comes at you with all sorts of HELL or that it attracts the GAITS OF HELL coming all of them right at you (meaning the planet), all at once, if there is a rock tie to a rope on a tree and you push the rock forward it also comes back in reverse, RIGHT AT YOU and THAT´S A ROCK...if you was peering at that rock you are Peering at it, if you peer at the water many times you could see your reflection back, water is transparent it doesnt have a color, the AIR doesnt have a color, blindness doesnt have a color, gravity doesnt have a color....

So PLEASE if you are going to a Powerball, PLEASE change your mind and create:

Create chess, tetrix powerball, who knows more the Bible (remember the story of the smallest insect living 10 days and the shark living forever) and isnt most of Latin America and the USA catholic, remember who is the world biggest terrorrist is people, a wiseness encyclopedia game, board games, whatever if you feel like you have to create Powerball create small size lottery games that way the impact will be smaller...

Dude where did: Keno originated: From China right...China at one point almost didnt became a country because of the opion well maybe i got that one wrong, But LOOK AT CHINA TODAY....Is poise to become a superpower but it weights too much too many people...The heavier you are when you fly, the heavier the impact when it lands/crash on the ground...Just have that in mind....Look at a beautiful superhot chick, the more beatiful and hot chick you are, the more babies you are prone to have meaning in more extreme poverty you can fall, look at geniuses, the more supersmart/superintelligent you are the bigger the terrorrist you can get....The richer you are or the more you eat the shorter is your life expectancy....

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