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People of the World: I just learned Something; Thanks to President Clinton


Remember when i said that the Richest guy between someone that has: 20 million and someone that has: 300 million dollars...Well here it is...If person A has $40 Million dollars and person B has: $300 Million dollars but person A, takes his $40 Million, takes $15 Million out of it place it in a yields account in the stock market and those $15 Millions are use to take care of the daughter of his daughter and the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of his daughter, his LINEAGE basically specially when someonoe of his lineage might be on distress and person B who has: $300 Million dollars wastes it all in his terrestrial life, then personA is richer than person B...And this practice could help fight future poverty...

I just realized that there are 3 kinds of poverty...Countries poverty, regular poverty and FUTURE POVERTY you know then the population GROWS...

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Comment by pumpi76 - July 30, 2010, 12:52 pm
i was using, the ankle weights yesterday for 2 hours and an half, i was using them vigorously i was walking fast...Then at night, my whole body was hurting as if i had worked in a gym doing weights...woke up this morning all sore...went to bed early last night...

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