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Some ideas & Some Thoughts: And something i knew 13 years ago


Last Edited: August 4, 2010, 5:15 pm

Today i heard that scientistis are now thinking that: Fructuose can cause cancer...Want to know something, I KNEW ABOUT IT, 13 YEARS AGO, i first thought about it, 13 years ago, didnt know if it was cancer but i knew it cause a detrimental effect on the human body and want to know something i have a hunch that it affects the sperm production or ovum production...But again who was i going to tell...

Adult men and women your nails: Women and men, you dont need to have long nails, cut your nails, you can have long nails but you are fat an another woman doesnt have nails but looks hot and all men are going to chase her, keep your body figure by exercising, that´s what keeps a man, not your nails...Want to know something, long nails is a hazard because when you are in the toilet it picks up extra grams if you know what i mean, stuff you later eat..It can and does causes kidney failure....

most men look like animals with those long nails...Take a microbiology course and they will tell you that...Long nails should kill you faster than smoking, why it doesnt do it i dont know...A person looks more attractive with 1 or 2 rings than he looks attractive with nails showing...And you can give/trasmitt the microbes to your baby born or kids...

Mr. Bill Gates and other billionaires: i heard that 40 billionaires are planning to give away half of their fortunes to charity...I advice against that, better take the money and create companies that will help the person in need and charge them very little for it, likw $1 or 50 cents...

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Jani NormanComment by Jani Norman - August 4, 2010, 7:57 pm
I can remember my mother telling me that about the long nails on women, and to never eat there cooking...so I believe you about that one, I was warned.......

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