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The Money Billionaires are going to Give Away: Something Else they could Do...


Last Edited: August 14, 2010, 7:36 pm

How many teens are there in the USA...10 million....30% of those teens are fat...That will be, 3 Million obese/fat teens....If you devide those 3 Million obese/fat teens by: 50 states it will be: 60,000 per state....

Take, 6 Billion place it in the bank at: 5%, it will be: $300 Million dollars...Pay those teens: $50-$100 a month to work out....For example, $50 x 12 months = $600...

$300 Million dollars divided by $600 = 500,000...You just covered: 10 States in the USA...And, Every fat teens in the USA doesnt give 1 class less, he/she is free for 1 class which is, 1 hour...That 1 hour that teen works out...And i am sorry but that teen graduates, 1 year later....Who says you need to graduate when you are, 17 or 18....When i was in highschool in 12 grade i wanted to spend, 5 years more in highschool graduate, 5 yeawrs later.....Is there a problem with that....However this is for your own good, for a teen owns good...

Can someone email forward this to every government in the world, to the billionaires who are going to give half of their fortunes away...

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