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If You Want Someone to Write you a: $5 Million dollar Check or want to make: $250,000 a year


Last Edited: August 18, 2010, 1:48 pm

                                                     OptionA:  Find a way to: Eliminate Traffic all over the world...And if for some reason they dont write you the, $5 Million dollar check you will be making like: $350,000 a year forever...

OptionB:  More people have written algorithms and mathematical formulas to predict the next winning numbers or the next winning team, than they have written to predict the weather and guess what??? Predicting the lottery or the next winning team IT IS NOT IMPORTANT...You want to get paid: $350,000 a year or want someone to write you a: $5 Million dollars check find a way to predict floodings, where they will occur in advanced to warn people in advanced and prevent illnesses outbreaks, billions to the government, poverty outbreak...Everytime there is a huge flooding, like: $400,000 people get displaced or hurt...

Divide: $5 Million by 400,000 = $12, that means all those people only have to donate: $12 dollars and you have your: $5 Million dollars...

More books and RECIPES have been written about how to have a glowing skin than about the 2 options i just mentioned...

this made me think of the following...Could the locations of where traffic congestion occurs foretell where floods will occur...Remember those are cars breathing, like a gigant lung except that is not inhaling, or where air conditioning in cars [it affects the atmosphere/weather] is turned on in a conglomeration along with where cow stool [it has methane harmful to the atmosphere] predict where a heavy cloud pouring will occur or where heavy cloud pouring will go...Or where there is a conglomeration of cell phone usage maybe the waves of cell phone is massagging clouds or massagging the ionsphere/stratosphere in the atmosphere altering the whether i dont know.....You will need a supercomputer for it to test that model...Is like soccer/basketball/football, where the ball is in the court will dictate when a score will occur....Where a soccer player is in the court will determine if a score will happen or where each soccer player location in the field can influence if a score occurs....

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Comment by joker17 - August 18, 2010, 2:00 pm
Thanx, Pumpi. I've already taken your advice from your other blog about making tons of money and it worked. I found 1,276 folks to chip in $825.00 bucks a piece and we paid a real good proposal writer to create a proposal to a billionaire. The billionaire accepted to invest 200 million bucks in the Powerball for next months game. If we lose, he promised EACH of the folks who donated money, that includes me, a check for 750,000 bucks. I'm gonna be rich soon, whether we win the PB or not....YAHOO>>>>>!

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