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If You Want to Make Someone Write you a: $800 Milion dollars Check or $5 Billion Dollar Check


Last Edited: August 19, 2010, 2:11 am

                                              To Crooks, Architects, people who like, punk music, Indian people, people in third world countries, women who stay at home, homeless, people who pick up thrash/beer cans/junk/grass, people who want to be music artists, people who want to be actors, people who fish, very small bussiness owner if you want to expand your bussiness, people out of work, thugs, fat people, people who are disabled, people who like fitness, people who attend eating contests, very tiny music bands if you want to be a superstardom, people who go to church everyday and have problems, people who commit heists, black women, NEPAL women & men, women, men and teens from the carribean ans supersmall islands in the carribbean, people from small islands, people from madagascar, refugees, people from the ghettoes, people who make $100-$150 a month or less, people who loves clothes, some black men, women who want to be supermodels, people with High I.Q or HIGH SAT SCORES, people with super low I.Q´s, teens who are doing terrible in schools, teens who want to play in the NBA/NFL, prostitutes/escorts, people who practice vodoo, etc...If You Want to Make Someone Write You a: $800 Milion dollars Check or $5 Billion Dollar Check.....

Find a way to turn: HEAT into energy/fuel/Petroleum...You know cars produce a lot of heat...If you could trap all of the heat emitting from all of the CARS OF THE WORLD can convert it into: FUEL/PETROLEUM OR ENERGY, you will make like a SEA/OCEAN of NEVER ENDING FUEL OR ENERGY....Enough to POWER/HEAT UP THE ENTIRE PLANET MARS AND POSSIBLY TERRAFORM IT and the MOON TOO....

Entry #1,238


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