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Should Midgets Houses Cost Less: YOu Could Create a Company & a Charitable Foundation for Them


Last Edited: August 22, 2010, 4:03 am

                                           First of all Can Someone Tell me how many: Midgets are there in the: USA AND AROUND THE WORLD...I dont even know....But shouldnt MIDGET´S Houses and Cars cost less....If the home is regular it, should be 3 or 4 Stories high...That´s if they are: O.Ked with them...

You are Rich..Feel like donating or MAKING PR show people how: Man you are...You Could Create a: Midget Foundation which i´ve NEVER HEARD OF...A Counseling for Midgets...Is got to be TERRIBLE losing a sexual organ or seen women naked pass you by every second or seen everyone pass you buy holding an: M16 RIFFLE...Because that´s exactly what is like...

Again, if the day of tomorrow there was an Asteroid which hit the Earth because God Sent it and wipe out the human race for: INCONSIDERATES then what will happen....

Dude there is something i want to tell you i was going to write a separate blog about this:

Dude in the huge list of human features and races and who looks like a God or Goddess Appeal wise ranking..Please STOP LOOKING UP AND UP AND UP...DUDE MALE OR FEMALE: LOOK DOWN....Want to hear a fact:

40% of the Global Population is CRIPPLED/DISABLED/SICK/SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH HIM/HER, and another 30% IS OVERWEIGHT...That leaves 30% of the world IDEAL...Maybe, 25% of the Planet, IDEAL DESIRABLE whatever word you want to choose....And out of those: 25% Ideal, 2% to 3% are teens, kids and elderly...

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