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Countries of the World: Something You Should Know...


YOu know another problem with making everyone in a country smarter or super smarter...That the World Risks or problems increase: 6 or 7 folds...That´s the problem...Where you need to redirect them is towards: Microbes the microscopic world....But it is still a problem but is a problem you will have to take...Why?? Because microbes in maters of days or months can wipe out the world...Dude i dont know what to tell you...You will have to increase: RELIGION...When i say religion i mean: Christianity or Bhuddism and you will have to alter, make some amends to: ISLAM...Dude which one you rather been punished by a deity when you go to heaven for altering islam or having the world wipe out one day which one is a greater crime...I know the world doesnt face a great Global Threat from Bacteria but the problem is that: I am not sure i think there is more bacteria mass than the mass of the ocean, So what happens if: 50 Million things multiply 4 folds everytime per hour...

Dude what happens when bacteria has been multiplying so much that all the bacterias DNA turns dark after all dont forget that those are: Xrays as well as Sun rays hitting bacterias, what happens if one day they go haywire...And dont multiply 4 times...You know something else that is creepy about the bacteria world...That bacteria dont lay: EGGS...Suppose they did...As you know animals who lay eggs reproduce faster (produce more offsprings) than animals that dont...That´s what´s creepy...Again i repeat the: AIDS VIRUS IS NOT AIRBORN...So take the smarter people and channel that energy towards bacteria and viruses...I think you breathe in bacteria all the time for you dont have a: Sponge in your nose...How you know breathing in some bacterias is causing a bi-product that is creating a reaction from the body causing the body to develop a reaction and the reaction causes ailments that are not infections by microbes such as, Parkinsons, it could be causing you to creating SINS, muscular distrophy, or causing the body to lower the good cholesterol or increase the number of triglicerides, how you know this reaction from the body is not the one responsible for DEATH or Cancer....

TEll me how the body developed: TEARS...Maybe because it sensed: microbes hitting the eyeball...why other animals dont cry...And because the body developed tears now you have a third emotion or whatever number it might be....

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