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powerball thoughts


And here it is, the dawning of a new powerball era... record jackpots, bumped up second tiers, second tier rolldowns and me without a system.

I currently use one QP per draw... gave up on tracking when they up and changed the matrix on us.

draw number 14 of the 5/55+1/42 is in the record books and the leaders are #8 (4 hits) and #50 (7 hits... HOT HOT HOT!). in the red ball "fishtank" #17 already made a repeat appearance... as a palindrome around the focal point number 28.

what does it all mean? I don't know and find no motivation to pursue it any further. perhaps a completely new and off the wall direction, but I am fresh out of ideas. last time the powerplay was 3 I hit 1+1 on my one QP for $12... no extra hits since and now I am back to shelling out my own $2 (gotta go P-Play for sure).

my excel sheet that breaks down what I would do with a win is so tuned, it's no longer fun to play with... where is the inspiration? who will be the next guru? his bait-and-switch lottosynch concept kept me entertained in VB6 and RNG theory for weeks, months even! my biggest downfall is that I backtest... can't even fool myself :-(

between false hope and no hope, I preferred a bit o'false hope and a good dose of common sense to the bleak realization that what I tried to do cannot be done by me.... (and thus far anyone else either)

where is the entertainment of seeing someone like goose defend his bad math to his ultimate banishment? even debunking systems was fun.

who holds the key to the next great wild goose chase? where is the next crazy math anomaly? I need a muse!

Entry #64


hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - October 23, 2005, 12:18 am
17 as PBall... 3 times in 16 draws...
and I let the state pick pb#31 ...
time to jump into systems again I think...

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