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A Message to Investors, Lottery Fans, Anything that involves Lots of Money


I didnt say it here but on another blog i mentioned that it will not surprise me, if everytime people were talking about, the stock market or forex or even the thrash/crumbs called the lottery that they were referring to petroleum/oil...i cant believe i am dedicating an entire blog to this...

Anyways if there was something valuable concerning the stock market or forex or the crumbs of the lottery it will be kept hidding or the page/forum that displays it will be kept hidden, specially with millions of dollars...Do an experiment, throw $100 Million dollars from a helicopter every week, in 20,000 every hour, even though you are throwing it and giving it away, SOMEONE OR AN ORGANIZATION WILL TRY TO SHOOT IT DOWN...AND IS FREE...

Same thing is with the crumbs of the lottery or valuable information on how to make: $100 Million dollars in the Forex or Stock Market even if is free if it was on the internet, someone will try to: hide that website, including people with money....people with money can do almost anything...And remember most people that have; $1 Million dollars or $8 Million dollars it will take them 8 generation to get to $150 Million dollars....

and remember you could be white, asian whatever....Not everyone Worships God, not everyone likes: Beisball, not everyone likes women, not everyone is SKINNY, not everyone is short, not everyone is blond, not everyone likes white shoes, not everyone IS A MALE/MAN, not everyone is from the same country you are or the same region, not everyone has been thaught the same things you did, not everyone has a pet, not everyone DRINKS THE SAME BEER YOU DO, not everyone eats bread for breakfast, not everyone has the same ideas or ideology as you, not everyone when he/she is eating is thinking of food, not everyone when they get up the first thing they do is look in the mirror or brush their teeth or eat breakfast, list goes on, ect, ect....You want to take your OWN MONEY AND GIVE IT AWAY and someone will try to kill you or harm you because they think the money is theirs or you should give it to them, list goes on...sorry to talk about Todd, but tell that to Todd...

so is more than likely if there was such a website telling you the secrets of the Forex or anything will be shut down or have multiple clones or ISOLATED....

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