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Double vtrac method


DE did the double vtrac exchange today from midday to evening...

If you check my vtrac charts in the my blog you will see what I mean when I suggest playing both sides of double vtracs..

Midday  was 535 ... missed...

Tonight  was 303.... got.. Just a double vtrac exchange..

Midday vtracs.. 141  Evening.. played back.. 141/414 boxed..  $4 online plays...

Tonight vtracs  414... could have had it st.. but was playing too many other states...

Take a chart and list your vtracs for your state.. Start with first of October so you can get a feel for it.. Then watch for double vtracs.. sometimes it is several draws away before they return.. but they do return..

Another thing.. watch to see which vtrac is missing ... I mean out for a few draws of say 4 or more.. See what it fell with last.. then see what that number fell with recently..  put the three together.. and win..

It is basically WinD method.. but using vtracs instead.. Each single vtrac has 8 combos.. Each double vtrac has 12 if playng both sides.. Each trip vtrac has 4..

I dont play trip vtracs unless I am looking for trips or a double in a state.. (that is another method altogether...) I called that one my double warning method..


Singles are..

V-123= 012,017,062,067,512,517,562,567

V-124= 013,018,036,068,513,518,563,568

V-125= 014 019 064 069 514 519 564 569


v-134=  023,028,073,780,523,528,573,578

V-245= 134,139,184,189,634,639,684,689

V-234= 123,128,173,178,623,628,673,678

V-345= 234,239,284,289,734,739,784,789

V-145= 034,084,039,089,534,584,589,539

V-235= 124,129,174,179,624,629,674,679


Double vtrac (recommend playing both sides here)

v-112/221= 001 006 051 056 155 556 011 016 066 511 516 566


v-114/441=  003,008,053,058,553,558,033,038,088,533,538,588

v-115/551=  004,009,054,059,554,559,044,049,099,544,549,599

V-233/332= 122,127,177,622,627,677,112,117,167,662,667,162

v-244/422=  133,138,188,633,638,688,866,861,811,663,361,113

v-255/225- 144,149,199,644,649,699,416,411,466,916,911,966

V-334/443=  327,322,377,827,822,877,238,233,288,738,733,788

v-335/553= 427,927,422,477,922,977,249,749,244,744,299,799

v-445/554= 438,488,433,938,933,988,349,849,344,399,844,899


Then the trip vtrac

v111=000 555 500 550

v222=111 666 611 661

v333=222 777 277 227

v444=388 338 888 333

v555= 949 494 444 999

Entry #23


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