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what's next?


well, no more huge jackpot. perfect time to whip up another system and begin the long tedious task of coding and backtesting... if I only had a new direction...

my criteria still remains the same...

1. no trapping (too expensive as a number selection technique), unless that trapping is further refined

2. no mixing matrices (5/55 is new but 1/42 is over 300 draws and still valid)

3. end result not to exceed one and only one pick (one $2 ticket, gotta power up)

4. raw statistics are out, I have done them to death with no positive results.

I already use the QP in lieu of a better system so it won't change my purchasing at all, just something about picking my own line that I have missed the last year or so...

but I'm not jumping into anything quickly. I forsee a multi-level system, using only components that show promise at each stage... right now I only have one idea for the first component, and that would be the "bell curve " (kbcherokee system in excel, only moved to AutoCAD grid for accurate angles). I will probably start  with just the powerball itself and eventually add in the white balls...

when? don't know... why? because one QP is economical but no fun... apparently when it comes to QP's, I'm apparently not "meant to" win :-(

this time I am embracing accidental results and looking for "dumb luck" by the intentional mis-application of methods having nothing to do with more traditional prediction and trapping... the more outlandish the concept, the more fun it will be... I'm breaking into such diverse areas as trigonometry, analytic geometry (for bell curve analysis) and mis-applied calculus.

I am hoping to develop a system that works by accident. I have already tried going down the routes deemed "mainstream", systems for numbers that most would agree have merit... what I am contemplating would not really make any sense to the seasoned number cruncher... I have given the state a chance for long enough to pick my one line... even tho I used to pick my own with roughtly the same results... it's the whole process that makes it enjoyable... QP takes out the fun factor.

I may just break down and revisit all of the goofy powerball ideas I have ever had...

here's a classic

take the 42 powerball numbers and convert them to MIDI notes, with 12 classic notes per scale, that gives 3 and a half octaves... maybe if I can't see something right in front of my face I might be able to hear it (20 years with a guitar helps keep your ears perked)...

I could have kept that one a secret because it really has no merit, right?

how about YOUR crazy ideas? let's hear 'em...

Entry #65


Comment by Rip Snorter - October 22, 2005, 8:41 am
Nice blog entry. Aside from the automated parts of what you've said, I find your words something of a comfort. Your willingness to explore the possibilities, no matter how unlikely they might appear to a fixed-reality mind, is appealing.

I've posted a lot of wild ideas and results on my blog during the past few months. Some still appear to still hold some promise. Lately I'm not posting the one I'm currently feeling some enthusiasm about because it's wilder than most of the earlier ones, and seems to carry more promise.

I don't consider any possibility without merit until a person has personally tested it to satisfaction. One never knows where the last person stopped, what apparent dead-ends weren't chased to the bitter end.

Refreshing, uplifting, reading your blog entry this morning. Good knowing there's someone else out there exploring the unlikely without judging it so until it proves itself.

Keep plugging, amigo, and good luck.


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