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I bought one $2 powerball ticket with the powerplay option on it this evening.  I figure that $3 to $4 million in cash I could make my life a lot more comfortable.  Since powerball has come to Oregon I at least know that it could happen to me too.  I bought in my town at the convienent store called "Centers Market" they are a small chain here in Oregon.  So I hope that that is the next stop for powerball when they come back to Oregon for the next jackpot.

On a side note that has nothing to do with the powerball or lottery.  I started to grow a beard because I have been clean shaven for the last thirteen years and I wanted to see if I could grow a full beard.  So I told my grandmother that I would not shave my face until after the first of the year.  My father and grandfather both had beards that they wore for periods of time.  So I am optimistic about my chances of growing one if I can stand to let it go that long.   

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