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How to win P3 with VTRACS



The How to's..

Get you a chart.. daily planner I use like a calendar..

Dollar General has for $2..

It is one with magnets on back.. I believe it is made for the frig..

It is set up like this

Sun          Mon          Tues            Wed      Thurs          Fri      Sat

Date         Date          Date          Date        Date        Date    Date


It  has 16 lines.. (to do lines) my guess

I take and put the dates in date line.. and run my favorite states down the 16 lines.

then I start recording.. I got them for the month of Oct.. (one I mailed you Mike)

Then on another sheet..  I put the States in the Date line.. and write the dates down the sides on the 16 lines..

I write the vtracs there..

I record states with two draws in same columns just different rows..

With a glance I see what vtracs are missing.. and what they were seen with last..

then I can make my mind to whether that state is ripe.

On the first sheet I can see which states are following the other and when the vtracs sheet lines up correctly.. I go st..

It takes me 15 minutes after each draw to up date this way.

I have no formulas to deal with.. no programs to use..

I can make more money playing this way..

I try to play at least 5 states a night. Of course more if vtracs are missing and due.

Deciding what to play..

Of course I go with vtracs..  I will lay $2 on a three way vtrac after the 3 way vtrac falls.  You can see after making the chart that repeating vtracs are popular with this game.

I check each state.. including Canada .. to see if there is any vtracs missing.. Missing for more than 4 draws...

I look to see what it fell with last.. (that is a biggie)

Then I look to see what that number fell with last..(hopefully the last draw)

if so .. I start planning..

If that state I am investigating is CA.. I look at what has fallen in my favorite 16.. and the states that CA mocks..

Then I narrow down choices..

Do it a month and see what I mean...  Play on paper if you choose... Then take the plunge once you got the theory.............

Double vtracs...  Oh they are awesome...  play those in sister states.. For example .. when double vtracs fall in KY.. I expect it soon to fall in GA, IL, CA, TN, TX... It just happens that way.. Why? I dont know.. Do I care?  No I really dont...

ID is missing v5....  Last seen with 215... so.... you know with all the  551 vtracs falling..  ID may surprise us with it...

Once you get the hang of charting vtracs.. *There will be fewer surprises.. and more bang for your $$$$

Remember... when in doubt.. Dont play that state.. You will sometimes want to kick yourself for missing a winning draw.. but the kick isn't harder than kicking yourself for wasting money..

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