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I know you herd this before, "Thinking is key"


Last Edited: September 23, 2010, 3:19 pm

Sun SmileySun SmileyWish you all good things my  LP Family, Just took a brake to speak to you.  I am working on the October pick-3 and pick-4 for us!! 

And while I was doing our workout sheet...I remembered something I read  realizing,  that I began to putting in Practise so imperceptibly that it, has become a part of me. " And what is that Rosina?"...you may care to ask  Well, it's 

"thinking!"  Thinking is very much an underestimated tool that the Creator Has given us.

We almost always think in the wrong direction. "Okay" you might say,  "give a for Instance?"  Here is a thought. 

The Process of Negative thinking, comes  from various places:

1. PreJudgment ("Thinking" we already know the outcome of a situation,  or we already know a person, or their motivations)

    1-A Prejudgment comes from a made-up mind, from our parents, bad experiences even if we don't have all the facts.

2. Wrong Attitude. ("Thinking" deep down and sometimes not so deep down..lol. that we are better than...)

     2-A Why is this a wrong attitude?...because it closes your mind. A closed mind will not learn anything new, or very little; it's too ripe, fruits that are too ripe rot... I was told this  a long time ago..."Stay green" they told me green leaves room for growing.


3. Believing what we "Think"  is truth, is true .  Even if  everything we are "thinking" is coming from a place of doubt, fear, anger jealousy, envy, prejudice, greed, self serving motives or selfishness, making others look bad so we can look "good", wrongful Pride, Self debasement, Self destruction


4. Adharing deeply to the word "NO" Or "Negative Nevers"

     4- A "No I can't'  " No, it's not going to work. No, they are not good, I 'm no good.  It's no good. No, I can't do it, I will Never make it.   I will never be good at it"

Negative thinking manifests itself Negatively in our healt, in our life, in our relationships with Family, friends, Co-workers Jobs, Busines.   In our personal growth spiritually, psychologically, (mentally emotionally) it affects our life in all these areas!!!


Shocked"Okay rosie".. you might say  "What must I do. ..and don't ask me to pray or come at me with the Jesus thing or the GOD thing?"

Well, I won't.... But just know,  that without HIM there is no recovery from a negative state of being, because HE is our Creator, HE knows better than us how we are wired... wether you want to admit it or not,.. that, is not my business;...that is stricly up to you... that remains on your side of the fence. 

My Business is to try and help with the truth  about us, and what you do with it is up to you!   After all,  we have said this before; not even the lungs that is use to breath the air we breath is ours; we did not make them, they are not our creation!!

The air or the Lungs or the rest of us!!!  As a matter of fact, you were not your idea!!!

But if you reject it or poo-poo it;  it will keep you from growing, from flying, from been trully a Possitive person a Believer,  Free of yokes and bondages and burdens!!!

"Wow all that?"  Yes, and more!!  okay how do I start?Confused

Accept the truth! That you did not make yourself, you had no part in self creation! Only in how you Survive, HE gave you Free Will!!! Only Please don't cop out by blaming HIM for all Your wrong moves!!!

1. Doubt your Doubts! Believe all your yes, I can!

2. If you where contemplating killig yourself, give yourself a brake, Take hold of the hands of Positivity and let it speak to you saying, "let's not do this today, we have plenty of time to do it, let's speak to someone, you can even speak to me on my PM, (Private Message)If you want to. 

Le'ts have some Courage".. Courage makes you wait and see the outcome and face it with Bravery; Courage and Bravery are positive that it's going to come out ok!LOL..

That's why they are related, they go hand in hand into any situation where there is danger... most Soldiers survived wars because they had Courage and bravery, in the face of fear or they had a fellow soldier around them who had courage and where brave, and made it!!!


3. Refuse to think badly of anyone no matter what their behaviour (I have to remind myself of this many, many, many times) I am getting better at it with each encounter.


4. If you think someone does not like you, (Which is Negative thinking)  refuse to dislike them...you know yourself better than they do, and you are a nice person...they just don't know it, or they may think they have legitimate reasons why they don't like you.. maybe your face, your race, what ever that is, or something you said or did that was misunderstood or any number of reasons.

On the other hand,  there might be something about you; that you and I need to correct...People can sometimes see us better than we we see ourselves, and if they have the honesty to tell you what they see, don't jump on the self defense thing, (That is Negative)  listen what they say and learn from it...it will help you grow and be a better person... What??? " but I am perfect"  well...you will get even more perfect! LOL... Just You chose to like them back!! and they will get to know you and perhaps even like you;  maybe... if not that's ok,  you must like yourself!!

Because As you already know, you have to live with you...so do the things that will make you like you!!! And nothing makes us like us more, than Thinking Good "ThinKs"LoL!!! Think King!!  Thing Kingly!!  ThinK kindly!!

Again, do not think Badly of anyone no matter what!!! If they behaved badly, Maybe they are tired, or hungry, or got bad news from some one, of have a sick family member and can't handle it.. or have a bad diet that is affecting their mood...or a bad childhood.. If they "made" you angry they are in control and not you!!!

There is a person here on the post, he real good at that, he spoke on a subject matter that is  real close to us..LOL...LOL.      Angryeven I forgot my resolve, until I took control of me back...LOL..but it is not funny how that can happen.

Do not "Assume the negative outcome" of anything;  life can surprice you!!!  Think good thoughst;  drive the bad ones out. Take responsibility for this..you control your thoughts!Smile

Start to Practice it everyday, as you do you will get better at it. It's a process!!  You can start now by forgiving all my misspelled words, or incorrect gramar!!LOL.. Make it a point to love someone, or something good!!!   'Love is Pure Positive!!!

And we will see the change, we will!!  We may even win the Mega Million, the Power ball, the Jackpot of Millions!!! The Pick-5, Take 5!! Whatever!!  I know our health will improve tremendously!!

All good things will come, good follows good like 11's follows  00's LOL..

Group hug Group Hug   Now let's go Win!!..US FlagThumbs Up

Entry #8


konaneComment by konane - September 23, 2010, 4:05 pm
That was really awesome! Thank you!
Comment by jrosina - September 23, 2010, 8:23 pm
Thank you very much Konane, Group Hug
konaneComment by konane - September 23, 2010, 10:11 pm
Hugs right back!
Comment by jrosina - September 24, 2010, 9:30 am
I want good for all my LP Family and I know that I will hear that one of you have won the Mega, the Lotto for Millions, the Power Ball, the take 5 Yes! I personally working on two persons right now to help them achieve this!!! Just to see them really Happy, They know who they are!!!...LOL...LOL!!

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