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picking my PB battles...


I think I will ramp up to full line predictions over time, right now I am concentrating 100% on picking the red ball... in this way it stays simple... also if I can't make progress in the 1:42 odds there's really no point at moving on to the 1:140,000,000 odds.

First on the chopping block is the AutoCAD system. this is a much more precise version of the bell curve, where angles will have accurate measurements and I will intentionally mis-apply trig formulas on the resultant angles rather than the numbers themselves... I have tried just about every system that uses actual numbers and came up dry, perhaps those elusive number patterns would be more easily seen in a different context... one immediate benefit is forcing myself to learn LISP (AutoCAD macro programming) to generate the grid because it is tedious to do by hand one line at a time.

the points of interest will be... angle formed from draw to draw, area of the triangle formed by connecting the 2 angles from 3 consecutive draws, incidence and reflection of announcers... also, overall trends, angles formed between individual number skips, palindrome precursors... should be a blast... and I will need to master that LISP language to move into the white ball arena (no way to do that by hand, especially playing out possibilities such as each number separate by position and draw vs. sort order).

I see a long devel cycle, so in parallel development will be the conversion of the red ball data into musical notes across 3 and 1/2 octaves. this introduces a whole new area of analysis with all new tools and challenges.

I am psyched up for this round of experimentation... taking the numbers out of number crunching ;-)

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Comment by Rip Snorter - October 23, 2005, 11:26 am
Cool approach to a nice project. Hope you'll occasionally post some updates, provided you don't discover something too explosive to divulge.
Good luck

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